Selasa, 31 Desember 2013

hey! my friends^^

hey! my friends can you see. especially for moslem. this is the end of the year. don't you feel we just wasted our time doing such thing like that, i mean like a party, it's wasted our money right. if you have much money, why you not giving to me as a poor people, ahaha no no no. just kidding

hmmm. why don't we wasted our time in this night for "muhasabah diri". you know that. we can realize what did we do in this year, then we can to be a better person next year.
ah friends. i have one picture that can describe all about new year masehi, this is for moslem ^^

but, it just a screen capture from @nabilabele's instagram, you know in my place, so limit connection. haha

"barangsiapa menyerupai suatu kaum, maka ia tergolong kaum tersebut"

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